“Алтан бөмбөрцөг” наадмын оддын гоёл

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2015 оны 01-р сар 12-нд 09:15 цагт
Мэдээний зураг,

Дэлхийн кино урлагийн хамгийн томоохон наадам болох “Алтан бөмбөрцөг” 72 дэх жилтэйгээ золгож байна. Тус наадам өчигдөр шилдгийн шилдгүүдээ тодрууллаа. Аливаа улаан хивсний ёслолд зориулж одод тэр дундаа бүсгүйчүүд ямар даашинз өмсөх нь үзэгчдэд сонирхолтой байдаг. Тэр ч утгаараа энэ жилийн "Алтан бөмбөрцөг" наадмын оддын гоёлоос сонирхуулж байна. 

Pale but VERY interesting! Kate Hudson wowed in white cut-out Versace as she arrived for the Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Sunday
All that glitters: Jennifer Lopez made a plunging entrance in a fabulous pale gown
Making quite the impact: Jennifer certainly caught the eye of the men on the red carpet
Sparkling in Chanel: Reese Witherspooon, nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture for her work in Wild, wore silver sequins
White hot: Rosamund Pike wore an ethereal layered white chiffon Vera Wang gown with daring cut-outs at the waist as she arrived for the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday
Baby approved: Rosamund revealed that her infant son had given her outfit the nod, but not crying
All white: Emily Blunt, with husband John Krasinski, joked she was worried she would ruin her pale gown; explaining 'I have a baby!'
Bucking the trend: Jennifer Aniston, whose appearance in Cake has created quite the buzz, went her own way in black
She's had her Cake: Justin Theroux, left, supported Jennifer Aniston at her first big awards show of the evening
Couple act: Chrissy Teigen wore a daring white gown with flesh-baring cut outs as she arrived with musician John Legend, left, while Naomi Watts sparkled in sunshine yellow Gucci as she posed with husband Liev Schreiber
Best supporting: Eddie Redmayne, left, was joined by new wife Hannah Bagshawe, left, while Diane Kruger arrived with Joshua Jackson
Fabulous at 69: Helen Mirren looked incredible in her figure-hugging red gown
The iron lady: Jessica Chastain shimmered inmetallic bronze, complete with plunging neckline; the gown is a Versace version of a gold Travilla dress Marilyn wore in Gentleman Prefer Blondes
Under the sea: Lana Del Rey rocked mermaid chic in a turquoise green satin gown
Presenting Giuliana! E! host Rancic looks a picture of glamour in her white gown with fur cover-up
Twice as nice! E! host Giuliana Rancic looked a picture of glamour in her white gown with fur cover-up, after arriving in a jaw-dropping fishtail gown
Ready for the show: Mario Lopez tweeted a snap of himself with his co-hosts, writing 'With my beautiful & classy co-hosts Charissa Thompson and Tracey Edmonds about to start the show'


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